The Ultimate Annual Review

Reflect on 2022
Change your life in 2023

The Ultimate Annual Review is a free actionable blueprint to conduct your own self-paced annual life review.Join the 15,000+ people who have completed the review since 2018.

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The method and template have been updated for the 2022 holiday season. Select from Notion, Google Docs, or PDF. This year's version is the best yet.Click here to access the review for free.*

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Step back, reflect 🤔

This blueprint was carefully designed to help you gain perspective on what you learned, what you want to achieve, and who you want to become. You'll walk away with clear goals and action steps to create momentum in early 2023.

A six-step journey ⛰️

  • Plot your memories

  • Capture your learnings

  • Assess your current life

  • Identify your intentions

  • Set goals & action steps

  • Write to your future self

Made with ❤️ by Steve Schlafman

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I'm a professional coach and writer obsessed with conscious and radical change. I left my career as a VC to help founders, creators and leaders evolve, discover their next big thing, and bring their vision to life. My mission is to be a good human who helps ambitious people thrive and create a multi-dimensional life that aligns with their innate values, desires and capabilities.

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